Sap Schedule Agreement Jit

There are framework agreements between automotive companies and their suppliers on the total quantities of material supply planned within one year. These materials are released by distribution. Delivery plans are subject to frequent changes that are communicated to the supplier via EDI or paper (fax) in the form of normal delivery plans, JIT delivery plans and synchronized production delivery plans. Current delivery dates may replace, in whole or in part, dates and quantities in previous delivery plans. To compare different generations of delivery plans, select Edit –> visual analysis by editing or viewing the delivery plan. You access the analysis image that displays on the left all delivery schedule generations and, on the right, all JIT delivery schedule generations, from the current delivery plan above. 2. Cumulative quantities are tracked and influenced by how the plan agreement reflects both forecasting and shipping requirements. These sounds are sometimes requested by the customer on AsNs. The cumulative quantity will be reset at the end of the year, unless you have a customer calendar or have changed the default sap user shipments so that they are not reset.

For deliveries with external agents, you can make settings as specific as for delivery/JIT plans. Can someone explain to me the difference between the Forecast (FRC) and Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery plan sharing types? How you start from this point depends on whether or not you enter delivery plans with leaderboards. To set up a delivery plan with delivery plans, follow these steps: The shipping units you collect are copied as proposals in the shipment. If no complete shipping unit can be set up for shipping, the rounding quantity should be reset to 0 for the position of the delivery plan on the overview. When the rounded quantity field is maintained in the delivery plan, the delivery quantity is rounded to allow the delivery of complete shipping units. If a different change state than the delivery plan is copied, this can be corrected by selecting the delivery position and choosing the menu item —> status. Corrections to shipping units, i.e. to the proposed packaging, can be made with Edit –> Packing. An evolution in the field of the automotive industry is the supply through an external agent. In most cases, the external agent is a carrier that has a warehouse in the immediate vicinity of a car manufacturer`s plant. The component supplier delivers to the warehouse of the external agent on the basis of the delivery plans of the car manufacturer.

The external agent delivers from the warehouse according to the JIT delivery plans to the car manufacturer. In the SAP system, processing with external agents is done through a delivery plan with an external agent (LK order type). In LK`s delivery plan, the external agent is defined as a Ship-to-Party partner and a special partner. Consignment warehouses are installed for the external agent when distributing the goods. If the external provides materials to the customer, it also sends the deliveries to fit the component supplier (by FAX or EDI). . . .