United Voice Eba Agreement

As members of the Casino Union, we work together to democratically decide what we want to pursue when we negotiate with the company. Whether it`s fair wage increases, better job security or better conditions, union members are the decision-makers of our union. It`s time for members to hear your voice. PSAAG 9-2020 – NOTICE – WA Health System – HSUWA – PACTS Industrial Agreement 2020.pdf Notice NEW AGREEMENT – AG 23 of 2010 Australian Labor Party (WA Branch) .doc . Note for NEW ACCORD – AG45of09 CongregationAlity Presentation SistersNOPASSWORD1.doc Be sure to follow United Workers Casino Union on Facebook for the latest updates. AG 11-2019 – HEALTH SYSTEM – United Voice – Nurses_ assistants enrolled in Nursing_ Aboriginal and Ethnic Health Workers Industrial Agreement 2018 Notice.pdf . . Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Since the casino reopened at the end of June, members have partnered to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 closure and the impact it will have on our payment and conditions. AG 14-2020 – NOTICE – Shire of Ravensthorpe Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2020.docx Senior Commissioner S J Kenner (published November 3, 2016) . AG 49 of 2016 – Shire of Bridgetown – Greenbushes Outside Works Staff Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2016.docx Notice NEW AGREEMENT -AG 62 of 2009 Edmund Rice.doc AG 1-2019 – Government Services (Divers) General Agreement 2019 -.pdf . Commissioner P E Scott (published 16.11.2017) . .

. Note s 41 Registered Widwives Nurses and Registered Ai Nurses 2007.doc . AG 13-2017 – Identitywa Administrative Professional Staff Certified Agreement 2017 – Notice.docx AG 7-2019 – WA Health System – Australian Nursing Federation – Registered Nurses_ Midwives_ Registered (Mental Health) and Enrolled (Mothercraft) Nurses – Industrial Agreement 2018Np.pdf . . CHIEF COMMISSIONER SCOTT (Published November 20, 2020) . AG 22 of 2014 – Department of Culture and the Arts Venues Management Agreement 2014.doc . . Notice AG 6 of 2011 Kingsway Christian Education Assoc.doc JobKeeper Your Casino Union Representatives have been in contact with SkyCity regarding possible changes in the company`s eligibility for the JobKeeper Wage Grant.

After discussions at the end of last week, we know that SkyCity is still eligible for JobKeeper. The result will be a reduction in tax rates, as set by the Liberal government. NOTE NEW ACCORD – AG 63 of 2009 Missiony Oblates Immaculate Virgin Mary.doc If you stop or expect financial difficulties accordingly, please contact your Casino Union team to discuss the support options available to you. AG 15-2019 – Shire of Yalgoo Employees Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021 – NOTICE.docx AG 8 -2018 – Shire of Murray (Outside Workforce) Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2018 – Notice.pdf . . PSAAG 7 release of 2011 PS and GO General AG 2011.doc .