2019 Special Measures Agreement

5. The ROK government has taken useful steps to improve the system to address the problems encountered during the implementation of the ADM and to improve transparency and accountability for implementation. Michael Bosack, a special adviser to the Yokosuka Council on Asia-Pacific Studies in Japan, said the agreement with South Korea reassured U.S. allies about the possibility of a deal with the Trump administration. But he warned that the US S-Brinkmanship tactic had already raised doubts about the country`s commitment to its allies. o Two pages agreed on the total amount of 1.0389 trillion won for 2019 and an effective one-year period. 3. During the consultations, the ROK and the United States reaffirmed the importance of a strong ROK-US alliance and the need for a stable deployment of US troops to Korea, amid the rapidly changing political landscape on the Korean Peninsula. o The United States, in particular, has reassured itself of its strong commitment to defending ROC, while stressing that the United States is not considering changing the size of the USFK. 4. The ROK government has worked hard to determine the total amount of defence cost-sharing contributions at a reasonable level that the National Assembly and the Koreans have been able to approve and that both sides have been able to accept, while providing stable deployment conditions to the USFK and a contribution to strengthening the ROK-US alliance.

The United States will host the Republic of Korea (ROK) from October 22-24 in Honolulu, Hawaii, for consultations on the Special Measures Agreement (ADM). The SMA, a kind of burden-sharing agreement, is the mechanism with which the Republic of Korea shares the costs of US forces for the defence of the Republic of Korea. The United States has had ADMs with the Republic of Korea since 1991 and this new agreement will replace the existing SMA, which expires at the end of 2019. The 9th SMA (2014-2018) expired on 31 December 2018. 2. As two close allies, the ROK and the United States reached agreement on the text of the SMA and the implementation agreement in a spirit of mutual respect and trust, after ten formal meetings and various diplomatic channels. Both parties strive to achieve satisfactory, win-win results. Now that the agreement will be valid for only one year, the two sides will soon have to begin a new round of negotiations on the allocation of FSB costs. o Although the United States spoke strongly of the ROK`s contribution to the alliance, it asked the ICC to significantly increase the total amount of contributions corresponding to the national status and economic power of the ROK.

However, the Roque government has agreed to an increase of 8.2 per cent, the same level as its increase in the defence budget for 2019, taking into account USFK`s contribution to the defence of the Korean Peninsula, the financial capacity of the ROC and the state of security on the Korean peninsula. The two sides conducted ten rounds of negotiations last year without reaching an agreement until the previous agreement expires at the end of 2018.